Friday, June 29, 2012

Imagination story

One morning my Mum said “go outside and dig a hole.” But sadly I fell into it and arrived in a different planet. It wasn’t the same as our planet because it had different trees, different houses,and different shops to ours. The trees were red, the houses were all triangle shapes and the shops had no people working in them only robots.

Suddenly a man called Thor came and gave me an egg, it was round and green. He told me to go and hide it in my room. He was wearing ripped clothes, green shoes and he had a black Hummer. He had very tanned skin and black hair.

Thor gave me an egg, it was round and green. He gave it to me and said “take it and hide it in your room because our planet will blow into pieces if you don’t, we need it to be safe”.

When I opened my eyes I was at the backyard so I went to my room and hid the egg under my bed. My mum called me to dinner so I went, still thinking about the egg under my bed.

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Miss G said...

What a star you are Justin, I am very proud of your concentration to your writing this term. You created a great piece of narrative writing here showing some good descriptive writing and a really great introduction. Well done.

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