Friday, June 29, 2012

God Summative Assessment

God Summative Assessment

Write true or false next to these.....

A covenant is a beautiful song in praise of God. - false✔
God promised to be the God of the People of Israel. -  true✔
The people promised to worship and obey God. - True✔

Highlight the line with the best ending to the sentence.......

When the people failed to keep their Covenant with God (Te Atua).....
God turned away from them.
God renewed the Covenant with them again and again.

Abraham and Sarah kept the covenant with God (Te Atua).......
by following Jesus.
by obeying God and worshipping God.

Match column one with column two.
God calls people to forgive one another✔        
God is always faithful even when people are not faithful✔
People are to respond to God’s call with faith and obedience.✔
When reconciled to one another people’s tapu and mana are restored✔
Please complete these sentences.

To believe in God (Te Atua) means to have faith in God✔

With the help of the Holy Spirit children could build up the Kingdom or Reign of God by giving food to the poor and following Jesus✔  

Imagination story

One morning my Mum said “go outside and dig a hole.” But sadly I fell into it and arrived in a different planet. It wasn’t the same as our planet because it had different trees, different houses,and different shops to ours. The trees were red, the houses were all triangle shapes and the shops had no people working in them only robots.

Suddenly a man called Thor came and gave me an egg, it was round and green. He told me to go and hide it in my room. He was wearing ripped clothes, green shoes and he had a black Hummer. He had very tanned skin and black hair.

Thor gave me an egg, it was round and green. He gave it to me and said “take it and hide it in your room because our planet will blow into pieces if you don’t, we need it to be safe”.

When I opened my eyes I was at the backyard so I went to my room and hid the egg under my bed. My mum called me to dinner so I went, still thinking about the egg under my bed.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pigeon Impossible

Plot: The man was walking on the road and cars stopped  and he went to buy a donut and sat on a chair and ate it. A bird wanted some and the man broke a piece and gave to the bird and the bird but the bird didn’t want a little piece he want the whole thing. The bird then fell into the suitcase and was pushing all the buttons and shooting the people. When the man held up the donut the bird stopped and went to the man. The man was going to hit the bird but instead hit the button for the bomb.

Problem:  the problem was the donut hit the button and the rocket went up in the air. The rocket was a bomb and it was going to Russia.

Solution: The man grabbed the suitcase and he it turned into an invisible car. He went after the rocket and got his gun but the bird was in front of Walter. Walter opened his case and let go of the donut. The bird went down after it and Walter took out his missile and shot it at the rocket. The rocket came down and landed on the bird eating the donut as the man put on his glasses and walked away.

Your opinion of the story: My opinion was it was really, really fun because the rocket was coming down and landed on the bird    
Illustration of a character doing something from the story:  

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

School in the Past and Present Presentation

This is a presentation that me and my partner did. We found information from our trip to Howick Historical Village. I think me and my partner did kind of good on this presentation. Next time we need to put more information.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Measurement Learning

This is what my group and I learnt about Analogue clocks.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Te Atua Title page

Four the rest of this term we are going to be looking at god in Religious Education god is healer and blesses us . God is also our creator. The Maori name for god is Te Atua

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Glitter art

we made kowhaiwhai Reuben  inspired us because  our teacher said let do kowhaiwhai
i enjoy doing the painting because it is fun to do i found difficult was the drawing because it was difficult to do

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Haka Ma

We learnt a song in Maori that uses the vowels.  Check this out.

Friday, June 8, 2012

My Favourite thing from our trip

My favourite thing from the trip  is the scavenger hunt  because we had to find stuff and it was fun .

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing from our trip to Howick Historical Village was the parlour games because we got to play the blindfolded game. We had to spin around and when you got dizzy you had to find a person and sit in front of them and say “squeak piggy squeak”. You had to then guess the person ‘oinking’ behind you. They then became the next person to have a go at the blindfold.

Miss Dodds said it was then time for the string game we had to get over our body. It was the boys team that won. Our teams were called Lakers and Dragons.

The last game we played was called ‘ball and neck game’. We had to pass the ball with no hands, we had to use our neck to pass it. Miss Dodds said “get your marks, get set, go!”. It was hard and people were excited and jumping up and down. The bell rang and so we had to go back and have lunch time with the other classes.