Thursday, April 30, 2015

Day out at the Point England Beach

When we arrive there with shaun we park Near point england school we went outside of the van and walk to point england school we saw Mr burt he told us to go down to the beach because that is where the others are so we went through point england school and their reserve and went down to the beach.  

When we got to the beach we saw other school. while we saw another school we were practicing we saw people that we know so we went over and said hi but shaun said come down to the beach to get ready for the waka to come after a while others school staring up turning when everyone turn up it was time someone blow the thing it was loud like a lion roar.

We had to say the e oho while they were still travelling once they came on land we stop and sang the nga waka we sang it 6 times then the last time we said He.

We kept on singing those songs over and over again by the time when everyone got out of the boat and came on land  some of Point England kids did there mihimihi when it was done school's came down to shake hands  to welcome them on our beach after when everyone shake our hands school’s staring going back to there school but the leaders of stay back to have a feed and talk to the people that travel around the world.

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