Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day Writing

My mother is without doubt she is very important to me

She will always tried her best to make me smile whenever I am feeling unhappy,and she also has the kindest eyes I ever seen  She is an inspirational, I always look up to her. she spoils me whenever it my birthday, she is A loving mother she cares about me, she always say “ Family before Friends” she is the most wonderful mother in the entire world, we have a strong family relationship she will always provides us food without her we are nothing to her.She's been to all  my rugby games and been my number one supporter and punished me whenever I did something wrong. Even though I did not enjoy the punishment then, I now look back and now I realize that it was meant to love me the right way and I know deep down her heart she will always love me till she dies and she will always tell me to follow the right path whenever I am going down the wrong path.


Mr Moore said...

Fantastic writing, Justin. As a reader, I can really tell you love your mum - every young man should! I am impressed by the deep thinking here - especially about being punished and why your mum did it - and by the strong language you have used. Well done.

Jenny Jackson said...

That's a beautiful, reflective piece of writing about your mother Justin. You are lucky to have such a loving and caring mother who you value so much.
Thanks for taking the time to comment on our St Joseph's newsblog in Oamaru too.

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