Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Bullying Speech 2015

People who love themselves don’t hurt other people on purpose. The more we hate ourselves,the more we want others to hurt like us. Ask yourself this: do you really think we should live like this?

Bullying is something so normal in our lives that sometimes when it happens we don’t know it’s happening. The national education association surveyed a school and found out that 160,000 children don’t go to school because they’re scared of getting attacked by other children exactly 282,000 students a year

Why should we give into bullies
why should we let them hurt us physically and emotionally each year
is it because we’re different
because we aren’t normal
but then, what’s normal

It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what culture you are. It doesn’t matter if you like reading or if you would rather play sports one fact stay the same we are all humans we all have a heart we all have the ability to show compassion and kindness so, everyone, act like it   

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