Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Recount On Football

Football Training

On a warm afternoon my uncle picked me up to go to football training. So when he got out of the car, we left. It was a busy afternoon driving in traffic. By the time we got there training had already started so then the coach told us to go for a run because we came late. So by the time I finished my run we were warmed up for training.

We were doing a drill, so when it was my turn to do it I had to run around the cone, run with the ball, I had Linesmen to protect me, and also I had  to get past the defence, which was kind of hard. Also there was this other drill, we had to wait for the whistle to blow then we had to run as fast as we could, then turn around and wait for the quarterback to throw the ball to us and we had to try and catch it. It was always hard to catch the ball because the defenders blocked the throws which were always high and long.

After doing all those drills we finally had a team run down to the signs and back. Next we had to cool down. After we had cooled down we took off our helmets and held them in the air, then our coach called the end of the training by saying “Brothers on three, lightning on three” Then we had to repeat what he said, but we said it like this, “123 brothers, 123 lightning”.

My first game is in 3 week time and I am looking forward to it because this is gonna be my first time playing football and it is gonna be a great experience for me. Also I will be able to learn heaps.

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