Friday, November 20, 2015


Last week some of the students got an chance to go on a trip to sailing. It was an awesome day out. When I got up the driveway with my bag on my back, I saw people running around like mad people trying to do everything at once. So once I got in the classroom, Mrs Tui ask if I had my gear. I replied saying yes. When I got to school, we had to go. I walk outside the classrooms and went to the car. We drove to where we were sailing. I was tired and scared because I thought it was gonna be scary. But when Mr Slade told me that everything is gonna be okay my nerves were fading away. Once everyone was here, the instructor introduced himself to us.

When everything was set, we went down the beach and went into the water with our boats. It was tough getting into the sails because it kept on moving from side to side. Once everyone was in there boats were road off to our destination. I kept falling into the water because I always did something wrong. It was so cold, when I drop into the water. Once I got back onto the boat we had to turn around and head back to shore. I got to shore and my other partner, Paul. I hop into the boat and went off. It was funny when Paul was on the boat because he did not know how to control the boat and mainly he just stay on one spot  the boat was not going anywhere

My favourite part of the day is when we got to ride the boat to our destination because when I was just cruising down the water I tip over and fall into the water more than once.

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