Friday, September 21, 2012

Kids 4 Kids 2012

At the school we were waiting for Miss Tui We were waiting with my friends it was boring because we had to wait.

Finally Miss Tui came and Frank and Simione came. We all came into the van and when we nearly got there we looked at the back and we saw Misiotei. We were waving to him then we faced to the front then we were there. I was cold outside but when we got inside I was warm. 

When we got on the stage I was scared then when they opened the curtains I saw the crowd but then I was even more scared. Soon I got used to it on the stage. I liked the part when we did the last song, it was funny because the animals came out of the blue and started to dance in front of us.

When it was finished we went into the van and then we had some chips and a drink. We went to drop off Savelio first then we dropped me off. When i got home I went to sleep then when I woke up I went to school and played with my friends.

My favourite part was when Ana and Rachel sang their solo, it was beautiful.

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