Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Holiday Writing

My Highlight for this holiday  was Going pools with my friends And player rugby in the pool And then. We went to go to the other pool that was more deeper and play football.

My lowlights for this holiday was staying home And thinking what to do.

My dream holiday is to go to  America  to Disneyland to go and meet people from the cartoon.


Misiotei said...

Well done Justin!!! I really like this piece of writing it sounded like it was very fun. I wish I was there to join in with use. For next time just double check your work or give it to the teacher to check it. Keep up the good work Justin.

Patrick said...

Good work Justin sounds like your dream is a very special dream. I know you like playing rugby and that is good for you. Next time read your writing and check your spelling.Good work Justin:)

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